Dive Around Texas

DiveAroundTexas.com challenges Texas divers to get out and explore some of the great diving that Texas has to offer. Texas is blessed with over 30 different incredible dive spots including rivers, quarries, lakes, and the Gulf of Mexico. DiveAroundTexas.com is about divers going diving in Texas and receiving the chance to win prizes and awards based on the number of verified dives you have in your Logbook. The more times you dive in Texas, the better your chance to win valuable prizes and trips.

The Program launches October 5th, 2014. Any certified diver is invited to sign up. Sign up is simple. Stop by a participating dive retailer and get signed up. For a $25.00 registration fee you will receive an Event T shirt. Upon your completion of the Challenge you will receive one ticket to the lunch at the Awards Recognition Day.

The rules are simple. Get with your dive buddies and dive a minimum of 12 times in at least 4 different dive locations in Texas. See the Texas Parks and Wildlife brochure: ‘Scuba Diving in Texas’ for ideas on where to go. After each dive around Texas, stop by your participating dive retailer and have him verify your dive in your personal logbook with the special ‘Dive Around Texas’ stamp. Continue to dive in Texas as often as you like, the more times you dive the more ‘stickers’ you receive for a chance to win Prizes and Trips at the Awards Recognition Day.